Alumni Spotlight

Tulsika Patel, B.S. in Information Technology Services

Tulsika Patel

Your time at MSU

Why did you choose the ITS program?

The ITS Program offered combination of exposure to technologies, software and methodologies, all of which I was interested in during my college career.

What was your favorite class/memory/moment while getting your degree in ITS?

In my IT Project Management class, we were divided into teams to complete all of the tasks / documents (budget, milestones & etc.) required to successfully complete a real-life IT Project Management job. The goal was to upgrade all the hardware in an ITS building. There have been several times when I’m working or thinking of a project today at work, and I’m reminded of this project and all the hurdles we went through as a team.

What organizations/activities were you involved in during your time at MSU?

I was a General Secretary for the India Student Association and a dance member for the NACH group. Apart from those, I worked for the MSU IT department and other various departments as a work-study student. Also, I attended several football games and basketball games and tailgated.

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to new ITS students about the program or about college in general?

Almost everything that I learned in ITS, significant or insignificant, enabled me to be successful in building my career. No matter where you work, you’ll always be learning. Find your style of learning in college so you can apply it towards building your career.

What advice would you give to students who will be graduating in May?

It’s hard to build up experience at first, so get yourself in the door and gain experience doing things you may not like so much. This will lead you towards what you really want to do and will help you find your niche.

What are you doing now?

What is your current job?

IT/Financial Project Management for Epiq Systems in Portland, Oregon.

How did your degree prepare you for the job that you have now?

My degree taught me team work, presentation skills (etiquettes which I still use religiously), my strengths, weaknesses, importance of learning to find the right answers, and so much more. For instance, every job I’ve ever held I had to do a performance review where you must highlight your strengths and weaknesses. I remember doing surveys at the end of projects for Dr. Brandenburg’s class.

What does your typical day look like at work? What are some things that you do throughout your work day?

I track multiple on-going projects throughout the day by communicating with various team members in a development cycle. I track budget and expenditure for a given project and make financial assessments. I work on weekly/monthly reports to showcase budget spent/remaining. I ensure projects are delivered on time (budget and risk wise) and that releases of the projects are on-time. Lastly, I communicate out to stakeholders of ongoing of projects.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Flexibility. I currently run my own consultancy company and work as an independent contractor.

What are some of your hobbies or interests other than IT?

I enjoy reading in my free time and started doing some woodwork as well as arts and crafts. I like to try new recipes that I’ve never cooked before and master already known recipes.

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Donor Spotlight

Through the years the Hol-Mac Corporation, along with its sister company, Anel Corporation, has given tremendous support to the Industrial Technology program in the Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development at Mississippi State through donations and materials.

Between the two companies, over 40 Industrial Technology graduates are employed in management positions. One of our Industrial Technology graduates has been among the main drivers in the start-up of the HammerHead bumper division at Hol-Mac.

Each year the Industrial Technology students have a fundraising golf tournament where Hol Mac and Anel are major sponsors and also bring several employees to participate in the tournament.

The faculty in the Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development greatly appreciate the help and support of Hol-Mac and Anel corporations and look forward to a long-lasting and continued relationship.

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The ISWD requires undergraduate-level Information Technology Services (ITS) and graduate-level Instructional Technology (MSIT) programs to carry out internships to expand their hands-on experience with technology and instructional design skills. Paid or volunteer internships are 30 contact hours for undergraduates and 90 contact hours for graduate students. Do you want to make a difference by offering an internship in your area of expertise? If so, please contact the ISWD main number (662.325.2281), and we will put you in contact with the corresponding instructor.

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Real-World Class Projects

We have all heard it said that experience is the best teacher. One of the areas of growth for the ISWD program is the infusion of real-world class projects into courses. Students in the industrial technology program recently collaborated on a real-world manufacturing project with Polo Custom, an area company. Additionally, Starkville Counseling Associates held a website design competition through the TKB 4583/6583 Graphics and Web Design course. Do you have a project that might be appropriate for one of our courses? If so, please contact the ISWD main number (662.341.0032), and we will put you in contact with the corresponding instructor.

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Guest Speakers

Guest speakers can bring academic topics to life. Would you like to share your experiences in the field with our students? If so, please contact the ISWD main number (662-325-2281), and we will put you in contact with the corresponding instructor.

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Do you know of a job opening in the ISWD field? We have qualified students who would be the right choice for a position. If you know details about an available job, please contact us at 662.325.2281 or connect with the appropriate program coordinator, and we will forward the information to our students.

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Advisory Councils

The mission of the Advisory Board of the Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development is to advise the faculty on issues concerning the undergraduate and for graduate degree programs. Areas of expertise include course content, curriculum development and revision, dispositions, certification, recruitment, development, career development, and partnerships.

Would you like to share your experiences in the field by serving on one of the program area advisory councils? If so, please contact one of the program coordinators or call Dr. Connie M. Forde, Department Head, at 662.325.2281.

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