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Dr. Joanne Beriswill Recently Honored as Graduate of Maroon Institute for Writing Excellence

June 19, 2017 (Monday)

Dr. Joanne Beriswill is among the most recent graduates of the university's Maroon Institute for Writing Excellence (MIWE) program. Initiated five years ago in conjunction with the MSU Quality Enhancement Plan Maroon & Write, MIWE's primary goal is to provide extensive three-week training for teachers who commit to modify course syllabi to incorporate writing-to-learning strategies into class assignments. Research data are compiled by the QEP staff to determine the impact of writing-to-learn strategies on the writing proficiency of all MSU students.

Dr. Beriswill will be implementing the writing-to-learn strategies in TKB 4583/6583 Graphics and Web Design in the second summer term. As many of her students will confirm, Dr. Beriswill is an excellent teacher of writing. It will be exciting to see the new strategies that are in store for her students this summer.

To learn more about the program, check out the article here:

Dr. Huang Receives University Research Award for the College of Education

June 01, 2017 (Thursday)

Dr. Kun Huang, assistant professor in the Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development, was recognized at the annual research program and recognition luncheon on April 27 at the Hunter Henry Center's Hal and Linda Parker Ballroom. This research recognition program is co-sponsored by the offices of the vice presidents of Research and Economic Development and the Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine.

Each college recognizes outstanding faculty, research support, graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Teresa Jayroe presented the following awards to the College of Education:

Faculty - Dr. Kun Huang
Research Support - Ms. Tiffany Middleton
Graduate Student - Jeffrey Simpson
Undergraduate Student - Alana Joy Turner

Congratulations to our own, Dr. Kun Huang, for being the recipient of this prestigious research award.

Read the MSU news release at

Dr. Beriswill Awarded John Grisham Master Teacher Award!

May 02, 2017 (Tuesday)

Dr. Joanne E. Beriswill was presented the 2017 John Grisham Master Teacher Award on Thursday, April 27, at the annual Faculty Awards and Recognition Reception. Dr. Judy Bonner, Provost and Executive Vice President, presented this award and shared that the Grisham Master Teacher Award is awarded by the University Instructional Improvement Committee who evaluates and selects applicants from qualified individuals who apply for this award based on criteria such as engagement of students in learning, assessment of teaching and learning, clarity and organization of teaching, variety of teaching methods, enthusiasm, and scholarship of teaching.

Dr. Connie M. Forde, Department Head of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development, states, "Dr. Beriswill models the best in teaching and student engagement and is most deserving of this prestigious award."

When asked about receiving this honor, she said, "In the ISWD department, we have a diverse student body. Every student enters the classroom with different technology expertise and educational experiences. Each one has diverse motivations for taking the course, distinct goals for what they want to learn, and a unique learning style. Through my teaching, I strive to seek out the uniqueness of each student, polish their skills, and watch them shine."

For the full story, go to

We are so happy that the University has allowed her talents to shine through by awarding her this great honor! Congratulations!

Blind College Senior Defies Expectation While Pursuing A Degree In Information Technology Services!

April 12, 2017 (Wednesday)

Imagine not being able to properly see the world around you. Now imagine yourself working in an industry that is primarily computer-based. Wouldn't you want to know how that works? Austin Nix, 22, is currently a senior in college, and he has been living this scenario since the beginning of his freshman year.

Austin spent most of his life in Brandon, Mississippi, where He attended Mississippi School for the Blind from kindergarten until twelfth grade. For about half of that time, he knew he wanted to go to Mississippi State University and get a degree in Information Technology Services. The reasons for this degree choice were that his dad was an IT man himself, and he had had an interest in computers since a young age.

The first few years were rather uneventful in regards to his instruction. He mostly dealt with accessible technology that he could use without needing extra assistance from people who could see. However, the last two years saw the use of more inaccessible technologies. Some of these were so unusable to him that he would have to ask instructors for alternative assignments. Nevertheless, he always kept a positive attitude, and never once did he think of giving up.

His current semester has seen him do some interesting things. One of the classes he is enrolled in has him in an internship with the National Center for the Blind and Low Vision on the MSU campus. He helps review some of the content they have written for their upcoming app that will be used to help blind youth transition from childhood to adulthood. He also examines various websites for accessibility barriers. He has also done a project in another class where he discussed the evolution of Braille technology. Through this activity, several of his fellow students were able to learn a few things about Braille, including how to write various words in it.

After four years, his undergraduate journey is coming to an end on May 5 of this year. He plans to become a teacher of the visually impaired with a focus in computer instruction. We cannot wait to hear what adventures he takes on next.

Hail State Giving Days!

April 11, 2017 (Tuesday)

Today starts Hail State Giving Days! When you donate to our Department, your donation can be used to fund student travel to conferences and meetings, awards and recognitions, purchase equipment, etc.

Our Department has four different accounts for you to make your donations:

- Instructional Systems and Workforce Development Advancement Account
-Industrial Technology Account
-Information Technology Services Account
-Technology Teacher Education Account (for BTE degree)

Help out our Department and help the University get to their goal of 1,000 donors in 48 hours! Donations can be as small as $5. Every little bit helps!